I’ve been on a sort of HIATUS over the last couple of months while I’ve been sorting out some “bigger” life challenges. Relationships, work, health, the whole gamut came knocking on my door at once.

A little over a month ago I announced that I would be doing a “Summer Write-In” challenge, and while I’ve definitely been busy plugging away at BoI, getting to know the characters and world, I’m still not in a position where I’d like to share that content—especially if I’m looking into publishing in the near future. The book has a long ways to go, but I’m still very pleased with it’s progress moving forward. I’ve been working on it almost full-time for a little while, and I’m really, really excited to finally be able to share it. On top of this, I was also recently made the Assistant Manager of Editorial Services with GeekGirlCon, so my schedule has been pretty crazy!

What I haven’t done, though, is pay a ton of attention to the blog. Working on a book and writing for GGC leaves me pretty numb in my spare time. Because of this, I’ve made it a personal goal of mine to revitalize the blog and get content rolling again. It’s one space where I can be more conversational in tone, and you know, I miss it!

While I’m juggling writing full-time and GGC, starting this upcoming week I’ll be putting out weekly posts. Video games, media, fiction, and personal op-ed will be the primary focus until I get into a more specialized groove. Once that schedule clicks into place, I’d like to get back to two posts per week.

Until then, want to know what I’ve been playing?

Aside from writing, which takes up the vast majority of my waking life, I’ve been a little obsessed with Guild Wars 2. Like…head-over-heels obsessed, more so. I’ve played the game off an on again since launch, but took a long break for a solid two years post-college. I picked it up again this spring, and I haven’t looked back since. Expect a plethora of content to come, because I’ve found that playing the MMO has really helped my creativity and has been indulging in a way that other games and media simply have not.

Thank you, and I’m back!



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Indigo is a writer living out of Seattle. She plays a lot of video games.

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