Always Evolving & BoI

In 2016 I moved to the West Coast, danced a little bit with the gaming industry, and met who ended up being the main character of my first book. This year, it’s all about the writing.

Since we celebrated the new year a few months back, I’ve been busy working through BoI. I’ve set a new goal to hit 150,000 words mid-summer. That’s about 600 pages, and plenty to send to potential agents. Aside from plugging away on the first book, I’ve spent a lot of time working through a timeline of the overall series, working on lore, and mapping out my fictional world. I’m really happy with where this is going, and can’t wait to share it. It’s got a long way to go, but I’m starting to see it form and shape into something bigger.

While I’m working on that 150,000 goal, I’ll be doing weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) updates about the process as I did during NaNoWriMo. This will include inspiration blasts about what I’m reading, watching, and playing to keep me inspired—much like the February Notes I put together a few weeks back. That way while I’m busy writing, there will continue to be a steady flow of content here whilst I’m busy exploring the continent of Alethea. This will start up sometime next week.

In addition to that, keep an eye out for the occasional game critique and anecdotes. While I haven’t done much recreational gaming lately, I’ve been spent some of my spare time playing Guild Wars 2 with my friends. I’m sure I’ll find a way to incorporate them into a post soon.

While I’ve been fairly inactive for the past month and a half, I have been pushing out some fun content for GeekGirlCon, so make sure to keep up with their blog as well! Here are some of the pieces I’ve written for them:


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Indigo is a writer living out of Seattle. She plays a lot of video games.

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