What have I been up to?

Time flies when you’re working with a non-profit convention and a good chunk of your spare life has been spent producing mass amounts of marketing copy for their blog and website. Whew!

As some of you may know, when I’m not writing, gaming, applying for jobs, figuring out this whole book thing, or pretending to be an armchair gamer literary, I work for GeekGirlCon as a copywriter! With my swell little team of writers, we edit most public-facing text that hits their website and publications, and write content that goes up multiple times a week on their official blog. Since the actual event is only two weeks away, I’ve been doing a lot of work for them (and thus not providing enough TLC here).

Content will probably be limited to scattered bits and bobs until the convention wraps up in two weeks, but as my primary job will be to cover panels and events for the sake of accumulating pure spoils of content for them, I’m sure I’ll come out of it ready and loaded with a lot of material to turn around.

Until then, I’ve got at least two posts that are in the works to go live between now and the weekend of the con: a brief look into what it’s like to be a woman in gaming (casually and professionally), and a piece on our modern obsession with the apocalypse — the former coming sooner than later. Pretty loaded down subjects, I know, but fun and informative to write nonetheless. I’m also working on short fictive blurbs in my non-book related spare time, which I may or may not put live here. We’re all about the storytelling, after all!


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Indigo is a writer living out of Seattle. She plays a lot of video games.

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