Hi, I’m Indigo.

Long time, no blog.

I’m horrible at starting new things, but since my career hunt has turned into an all out pursuit, it’s about time I started blatantly posting my work on the internet.

My name is Indigo—and yes, Indigo is the legal name that was given to me at birth. I was named after a heroine from a fantasy novel (or comic book) that my dad was reading in the delivery room. I couldn’t tell you which one, as I was barely a few minutes old at the time and dad only begrudgingly remembers cutting my umbilical cord (I can only hope that she was well written). I was Brandon before they realized I wasn’t a dude, and then Aurora when mom was still happy on the drugs. When they finally decided on Indigo, the nurse decrypted “Dingo” from dad’s god-awful handwriting, which was almost approved for printing on my birth certificate before someone questioned my parent’s decision.

I finished my BA in Creative Writing & Lit this past Spring of ’15 and recently relocated to the West Coast to pursue a career in writing and game development. I started off undergraduate at Ringling College of Art & Design studying Computer Animation, but it didn’t take long to figure out that storytelling was my forte. Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror are appropriately my niche, but I’ve started gaining a fond appreciation for Fabulism (not to be confused with the word fabulous, I say mockingly at myself).

My goal is to turn this blog into an interactive portfolio, of sorts. Short stories, rambles & scraps, sketches, art, and thoughts. Things that I finished in school, a month ago, and current projects. I can guarantee that you’ll understand a part of me if you follow along.





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Indigo is a writer living out of Seattle. She plays a lot of video games.

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